COMP 212: Functional Programming

Homework Assignments

Homeworks will have both a programming and a written part. The programming parts are due at the times listed below. If a homework is not due at a class meeting time, the written parts are due at your next class meeting afterwards (e.g. if the homework is due Tuesday night, then bring the written part to your lab on Wednesday).

Name Date Out Date In Links
1: Basics 30 Jan Wed 6 Feb, 5:00pm PDF, code
2: Numbers 6 Feb W 13 Feb, 5:00pm programming, hw02.sml, written
3: Lists 13 Feb W 20 Feb, 5:00pm problems, hw03.sml, written handin
4: Analysis and Sorting 20 Feb W 27 Feb, 5:00pm problems, code, written handin
5: Trees 1 Mar Wed 7 Mar, 5:00pm problem description, written handin, support code, handin file
6: Datatypes 21 Mar Thursday 28 Mar, 11:59pm written, programming, code, library code
7: Functions 28 Mar Wed 3 Apr, 5:00pm written, programming, code, library code
8w: Sequence Analysis 3 Apr Wed 10 Apr, 5:00pm written
8: Barnes-Hut 4 Apr Wed 17 Apr, 5:00pm programming, code (also need sequence library from lab), visualizer
9: Modules 19 Apr Wed 26 Apr, 11:59pm programming, code
10: Machine Learning 24 Apr Wed 8 May, 11:59pm programming, code, data (big file)


Name Date Links
Lab 1: Basics 30 Jan handout, lab01.sml
Lab 2: Numbers 6 Feb handout, lab02.sml code sol, proof sol
Lab 3: Lists 13 Feb handout, lab03.sml
Lab 4: Analysis 20 Feb handout, lab04.sml
Lab 5: Trees 27 Feb handout, lab05.sml
Midterm review 6 Mar
Lab 6: Functions 27 Mar handout, lab06.sml
Lab 7: Sequences 3 Apr handout, code, sequence library
Lab 8: Modules 10 Apr handout, code
Lab 9: Functors 17 Apr handout, code
Extra TA session (optional) 24 Apr
Lab 10: TextIO 1 May handout, lab10.sml
HW Office Hours 8 May

Dates for assignments beyond the one currently out are tentative at this point.