COMP 212: Functional Programming

Homework Assignments

For the first part of the semester, we will have weekly assignments with both a written and programming part, out and due on Tuesdays. In the second half of the semester, look carefully at the due dates for the assignments, since the lengths are more variable.

Name Date Out Date In Links
1: Basics (W) 28 Jan Tu 02 Feb, 6:00pm PDF, code
2: Numbers (P+W) 3 Feb Tu 10 Feb, 6:00pm programming, hw02.sml, written
3: Lists (P+W) 10 Feb Tu 17 Feb, 6:00pm problems, hw03.sml, written handin
4: Trees (P+W) 17 Feb Tu 24 Feb, 6:00pm problems, code, written handin
5: Functions (P) 24 Feb Tu 3 Mar, 6:00pm programming, code,
6: Datatypes, Valuability (P + W) 25 Mar Tu 31 Mar, 6pm programming, code, written
7: Sequence Analysis 2 Apr Tu 7 Apr, 6pm written
7: Barnes-Hut 2 Apr Tu 14 Apr, 11:59pm programming, code
8: Modules 14 Apr Wed, 21 Apr, 6pm programming, code
9: Machine Learning 21 Apr Wed, 06 May, 11:59pm programming, code


Name Date Links
Lab 1: Basics 27 Jan handout, lab01.sml
Lab 2: Numbers 03 Feb handout, lab02.sml
Lab 3: Lists 10 Feb handout, lab03.sml
Lab 4: Trees 17 Feb handout, lab04.sml
Lab 5: Functions 24 Feb handout, lab05.sml
Midterm Office Hours 3 Mar
Lab 6: Datatypes 24 Mar handout
Lab 7: Sequences 31 Mar handout, code, sequence library
Lab 8: Modules 7 Apr handout, code
HW Office Hours 14 April
Lab 09: Functors 21 April handout, code
Lab 10: Effects 28 April handout lab10.sml
HW Office Hours 5 May

Dates for assignments beyond the one currently out are tentative at this point.

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